Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yukun's Questions

Question about bourgeois

In Roland Barthes Myth Today P100, “bourgeois myth” seems a negative term. But, for me, bourgeois class is the basis of liberal democracy==maybe they are kinds of conservative. But they are stable power of a society. I don’t know why critical theories always tag bourgeois negative term. Or I misunderstand the meaning of “bourgeois class”.

Question about Marshall McLuhan

In page 100 the third paragraph, “ The message of the movie medium is that of transition from lineal connection to configurations.” I am wondering the impact of Internet. I agree with that browsing internet is not the lineal connection or thinking. However, we can browse internet by non-lineal thinking, but we still adopt lineal thinking when reading E-newspaper or writing something on the Internet. From this perspective or my experience, it seems that the development of new technology doesn’t overturn original way of thinking.

Question about Guy Debord

In page 118, “the spectacle is the present model of socially dominant life.” Here Guy Debord indicated a situation like what the Frankfurt school indicated. I am wondering his attitude about audience. Passive? Or Active ? Will they challenge this spectacle? Or they will accept what the spectacle illustrates.
In page 119, section 12, “The attitude which it demands in principle is passive acceptance which in fact it already obtained by its manner of appearing without reply, by its monopoly.” It just show the spectacle asks audience to be passive. It doesn’t mean that audience will be passive.

Question about Zygmunt Bauman’s negative globalization

In page 675, his opinion about negative globalization is too Euro-center for me. He believes globalization is “only” negative. I don’t agree with that. For some classes in the third world, globalization is a helpful power to change their status.

Question about Zygmunt Bauman's journalism of liquid modernity

In page 472 he gave a definition of liquid modernity. In page 677 Mark Deuze said the “it doesn’t fit with the contemporary lifestyle an all anymore. Basing on this definition and Mark's question, I am wondering if the new era of mass media is coming. “Fordism” of media organizations can’t fit the need of our audience today. Are there more opportunities for media professional workers to establish their own business? Or it is just a myth.

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